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Does Your Practice Pass the Health Checkup? 

Answer the follow questions about your practice and discover how to take your business to the next level...

Find Out Now!

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Our President and CEO of Exclusive Nerve and Disc Centers, Dr. Joshua Dunsky, brings 24 years of experience successfully treating peripheral neuropathy, spinal degeneration, and scoliosis using advanced non-invasive technology. He is also the owner and clinic director of Dunsky Rehabilitation and Spine Center & Boston Scoliosis, and an internationally renowned trainer and speaker.

He comes to the table with extensive experience in creating a launching successful practices and associations, along with his partners.

Founder, Exclusive Nerve & Disc Centers®

Dr. Joshua Dunsky

Chiropractic Physician
Clinic Director Dunsky Rehabilitation & Spine Center, PC in Framingham

Scoliosis Centers of Boston, LLC with locations in Framingham, MA & Jacksonville, FL 

Focus: Spinal Degeneration, Peripheral Neuropathy, Scoliosis

Private Business Consultant

  • Program Implementation

International Speaker & Trainer:          

  • Spinal Degeneration, Nonsurgical Disc Restoration Therapy
  • Peripheral Neuropathy, Anti-Aging,TDOS Syndrome,Telomeres: Aging & Disease, GUT Health & Weight Loss


  • Food/Nutrition and Holistic Medicine Conference Vancouver, CA 2018
  • Internal Medicine and Breast Cancer Conference, Miami FL 2018
  • Anti-Aging Conference London, England 2017
  • Traditional Medicine Conference Amsterdam, Netherlands 2016
  • Anti-Aging Conference London, England 2013

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centers Leadership Board 2009-2011
President and Founder of the New England Spinal Decompression Assoc., LLC (2006)
President and Founder of the American Spinal Decompression Assoc., LLC (2006)
President of The American Cancer Society, S.M. Chap. (2003-2005)
Executive Vice President of The American Cancer Society, S.M. Chap. (2001-2003)

Dr. Dunsky has been treating peripheral neuropathy, spinal and knee conditions/degeneration using advanced non-invasive technology for 24 years.

Partner, Exclusive Nerve & Disc Centers®

Dr. Joseph Clarino

Dr. Clarino has been in practice for over 23 years and owns 3 chiropractic offices in the Southeast. He is also a co-owner of the franchise called AlignLife, with over 40 locations. 

He believes the future of this profession depends on the skill set of the young doctors graduating school today. He has dedicated much of his time to training over 100 students in their internship at his office and has coached 100’s of doctors to better understand business acumen that will allow them to build better teams, power communication, and reproducible outcomes with their patients.  

Now partner of Exclusive Nerve & Disc Centers®, his life's work is being showcased inside this power company. 

Partner, Exclusive Nerve & Disc Centers®

Dr. Clifford J Fisher

Dr. Fisher opened his first clinic in Reno, Nevada in 2000, and grew that practice to multiple doctors and multiple locations. After relocating to North Carolina, he managed all his clinics remotely with a A+ team for several years, at which point he sold them to his partner. 

Dr. Fisher is an owner of several clinics with AlignLife, as well as a coach and consultant for Dream Leadership Institute, and a partner of Exclusive Nerve and Disc Centers®. He is passionate about people understanding who they are and creating the greatest version of themselves. He has studied with some the of the greatest leaders in Chiropractic and focuses on building world class teams. 

Chief Relationship Officer, Exclusive Nerve & Disc Centers® 

Dr. Kathryn Frick Montgomery

Upon graduation from Northeast College of Health Sciences, Dr. Kate did her externship near Pittsburgh, PA, and soon founded her private practice in Murrysville, PA.

Dr. Kate’s practice focuses on family and wellness, derived in part from her participation in the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) Diplomate Program. Dr. Kate’s niche interests include nutrition, weight management, neuropathy, peri-natal and pediatric care, prevention and management of metabolic and chronic diseases, and non-surgical disc restoration/decompression.

As Chief Relationship Officer at Exclusive Nerve & Disc Centers®, Dr. Kate takes great pride in understanding her clients’ business needs and implementing individualized solutions.

Whether You’re Seeking a Strategic Alliance with the Right Partner, Special Skillsets, or Tools... 

Together, we’ll create and refine your plan for success.

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Dr. Joshua Dunsky has been a true hero to the non-surgical/non-medication alternative health care community. He is a pioneer in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy without the usage of medication. He has shifted the paradigm in health care focusing on Toxicity, Deficiency, Weight Loss and Stress (TDOS System) and how it impacts metabolic disorders associated with chronic inflammatory diseases such as peripheral neuropathy. Dr. Dunsky is always available to assist and consult with complex cases He is open and honest in all his discussions with his clients and friends. I have been glad to have known Dr. Dunsky and to be able to tap into his wealth of knowledge. 

Dr. Michael Taylor, DC

His experience branding as a specialist and using proven technology to get lasting changes in tougher conditions clicked with me especially after the affordable care fiasco. His unassuming confidence and on purpose-ness make it easy to work together, focusing on your strengths and your individual situation to implement simple value-added protocols. I feel like an authority again instead of a commodity. And I know I’m on a faster path to my goals in practice and family life.

Dr. Andy Stynchula, DC

We think it was the law of attraction at its best! We met with Dr. Josh in June for an audit and consultation. Both of us knew we needed fresh input to help us take the next step in the right direction but were pleasantly surprised at the other positive things that came out of this consult. Dr. Josh made us dig deep individually and as a partnership, strengthening our dedication to what we do and how we do it. We came out of that consultation on fire and are more passionate about our mission than ever. Thank you, Dr. Dunsky!

Stephanie Nascimento, RN and Dr. Jeanette Wilburn, DC