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Neuropathy and the Upkeep of Your Feet


When you have Neuropathy, caring for your feet could be one the most important things to do each day. Neuropathy can significantly raise the threat of toe and/or foot sores or ulcers.

The boosted threat is due to a combination of factors, including lack of feeling to shelter the toes and feet, reduction of blood circulation, and deficient wound healing. When someone suffers the loss of both feeling and temperature detection in their feet, many types of injuries can occur without you even noticing that they happened.

The incapacity to feel hot and cold temperatures could, of course, lead to burns or even frostbite. Trivial cuts, and possibly blisters may not be sensed and develop an infection. Antibiotics prescribed for infection treatment need to be carried through the bloodstream to the infected toe or foot, however, Neuropathy can decrease this necessary blood flow, making it difficult for the antibiotics to reach the toes or feet. The degeneration of the muscles in the foot will eventually lead to weakness and ultimately make it difficult to sustain the foot’s structure. The weak muscles and the reduction of sensation can cause the foot to become contorted.

All these changes can lead to a variety of problems that most of us don’t think about during the course of our daily routines. Things such as not knowing how hot the bath water is, and not being aware of cutting the skin on your toes and feet.

Normal foot “maintenance” is comprised of taking the time to check out your toes and feet every day, surveying for cuts and/or blisters; using your hand to test the temperature of the bath water; enlisting someone else to trim your toenails, perhaps filing instead of cutting your toenails; always keeping your feet well moisturized to thwart the cracking of your skin; always putting on socks with your shoes, and only wearing shoes that properly fit.

Disregarding the toe and foot problems that can be caused by Neuropathy brings on the need for amputation. If toes or feet develop infections over and over again, or the antibiotic treatments are not working, amputation could be the last resort to halt the infection. Avoiding these major complications of Neuropathy is one of the main reasons to get yourself into the daily habit of upkeep your toes and feet.