Electroanalgesic Medicine is one of the fastest ways to significantly reduce or eliminate pain without drugs or injections.

Electroanalgesic Medicine is one of the most effective rehabilitative modalities to rejuvenate damaged or dying peripheral nerves from chemotherapy, diabetes, nerve compression, herniated or herniated discs and stenosis. Electroanalgesics can be just as effective as lidocaine patches to relieve pain or steroid injections to decrease inflammation if used correctly.

Certain Electroanalgesic medical devices create a therapeutic mechanism of action. The examples would be: to accelerate tissue regeneration or to increase circulation in the extremities. Mechanisms of actions such as these are productive in the treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy, Osteoarthritis, and Spinal Degeneration. A combination of specific biochemical and bioelectric effects at the same time in the same area of the body results in the reduction or elimination of pain while stimulating tissue regeneration.

This Treatment Works to:

  • Increase Circulation: Autonomic nervous system stimulation and vasodilation/vasoconstriction mechanism activation leads to an increase in the circulation of blood and the training effect of blood vessels.
  • Provide Pain Relief: The mechanism of action to reduce pain is achieved through gate control through the release of endorphins counter-irritation/Nerve Block TEA effect. Release of endorphins Counter irritation (gate control) Nerve block TEA effect. Release of many hundreds of response-action potentials per second in the SCAN function. Regeneration.
  • Decrease Inflammation: Anti-Inflammation-causing mediators are disbursed through the shaking effect.
  • Stimulate Regeneration: The stimulation of cell mitosis results in regeneration.
  • Muscle Stimulation: Conventional muscle stimulation strengthens muscles and reverses muscle atrophy.

Exclusive Nerve and Disc Centers® consists of experienced practitioners who have combined their formal training with advanced technology, resulting in a proven state-of-the-art pain management program.

Electroanalgesic Medicine is different from typical TENS or EMS devices that on average have a frequency range of 80-150hz principally because we use electrical frequencies that range from 4,000 to 10,000 to 20,000hz These elevated frequencies can result in neuroplasticity (nerve healing and nerve growth), nerve stimulation and pain reduction/elimination.

There is in excess of 40 million people that suffer from musculoskeletal pain. In the United States alone, low back pain is one of the most common symptoms for doctors visits. The result, hundreds of millions of dollars in treatment while 60 to 80% of people will suffer from chronic lower back pain and upwards of 95% will have lower back pain at any given moment during their lifetime. The most common cause of disability in the United States is lower back pain for adults under age 45.

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Recovery for Electromedicine

There is generally no downtime or recovery period while being treated. In fact, most patients find the treatment quite relaxing and many fall off to sleep during the process.

Electro-Medicine sessions are anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. Patients should stay well hydrated and practice good nutrition during this process and after for the best healing.