Nutrition Therapy

... an essential component in the treatment of spinal degeneration (herniated and bulging discs, stenosis, and spinal arthritis), and peripheral neuropathy.

The analogy would be insufficient gas in the fuel tank and expecting to drive the car from point A to B, it’s not going to happen. More so, lack of nutrition will not just inhibit the function of the body, it will cause the degradation and deterioration of almost all living tissue.

Vitamins and minerals play an important role in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy, whether it is from diabetes, chemotherapy, spinal degeneration, or another type of peripheral neuropathy. There are even some vitamins like B6 where too much or too little in someone’s diet can cause peripheral neuropathy. Excessive alcohol can strip the mineral and vitamin absorption from one’s nerves inducing the severe condition.

There is also a clear coupling of peripheral neuropathy and a lack of vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 has been seen to induce anemia and peripheral nerve damage. Improper nerve function can be a result of inadequate vitamin B-12 and can result in poor muscle coordination and paresthesia (sensation loss and altered feelings such as numbness and tingling.)

A diet deficient or poor absorption of Vitamin A, E, and B1 can also cause peripheral neuropathy.

Nitric Oxide Metabolism or the Lack of Nitric Oxide May be the Offender in Nerve Damage

Many researchers feel that inadequate Nitric Oxide metabolism or the lack of nitric oxide may be the offender in nerve damage. Nitric oxide has been studied for nearly 40 years, contained in approximately 130,000 published studies and has received 3 Nobel Prizes. There is overwhelming evidence to suggest the positive effects directly linked to blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, erectile dysfunction, sleep, immune system, IBS, memory and learning and so much more.

Nitric oxide is made in the lining of the blood vessels (endothelium) and is a naturally occurring vasodilator meaning it opens the blood vessels for adequate blood flow. This is actually one of the natural mechanisms in the body to keep normal blood pressures. Unfortunately, as we get older there is a decline in nitric oxide production in the body leading to a litany of health problems.

Studies show that nitric oxide is the mechanism to deliver oxygen to the cells. Lack of nitric oxide results in poor oxygen delivery which can essentially negatively affect every cell in our body including the most important system or the master controller of the body, the nervous system.

A proper balanced, anti-inflammatory, low glycemic and alkalining diet is very important for optimum health. Your provider will discuss options and make recommendations to help “re-boot” the system to create an optimal environment for you to become healthier.

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